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Message of President Masoud Barzani on the 34th Anniversary of Anfal in Badinan

 From August 25, 1988 to September 6, 1988, as part of the Iraqi regime's series of crimes against the Kurdish people, many areas and villages of Badinan region were subjected to inhuman campaigns of chemical attacks, arrests, killings, deportations and Anfal.  As a result of these inhuman crimes, thousands of Kurdish citizens were martyred, disappeared and displaced and hundreds of villages were destroyed.

  The regime's aim in this chauvinist behavior and this hideous crime was to change the demographics of Kurdistan and break the will of the Kurdish people through weapons, violence and oppression.  But the will of the Kurdish people to survive and seek freedom succeeded and it was the enemies, opponents and criminals who fell into the dustbin of history.
 On the thirty-fourth anniversary of the Anfal crime in Badinan, we salute the souls of the martyrs of the massacre of the Failis Kurds, the Anfal of Badinan, Garmian and Barzan and all the martyrs of the Kurdistan freedom movement.  On this sad occasion, we declare that our people will never accept the language of violence and crime and the Iraqi state must compensate for all the crimes and oppression committed against our nation.

 Masoud Barzani
 August 25, 2022

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President Masoud Barzani, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Independence Referendum in Kurdistan, tweeted the following poem. The Poem was written by the Tunisian Poet Abu Qasim Al Shabi (1909-1934):

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President Barzani receives the Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament