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President Barzani issued the following statement to public opinion on the process of electing the President of Iraq

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

With regard to the political process and the election of the President of the Republic,
since the announcement of the election results in October of last year, several attempts were made to confiscate the will and rights of the Kurdish people, and to impose someone outside the consensus and will of the Kurds, but these efforts failed and the will  of the People of Kurdistan was not allowed to be ignored.

For us principle is more important than positions and ranks.
Finally, the principle of not forcing anyone outside the will of the Kurdish people to become the president of the Republic of Iraq succeeded.

I hope that the next steps in the political process will serve the interests of the Federal Republic of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and that a new political climate will prevail in the political process that puts an end to past obstacles and crises.

Masoud Barzani
October 13 2022

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President Barzani receives Ambassador of France to Iraq.

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President Barzani Receives the UK Ambassador to Iraq