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President Barzani receives the Ambassador of Finland to Iraq Matti Lasilla.

President Masoud Barzani and ambassador Lasilla discussed the current political development in Iraq and the region.  

The Finnish Ambassador to Iraq appreciated the role of President Barzani in the struggle and contemporary history of the Kurdish people and thanked the role of the Peshmerga, the Kurdistan Region and President Barzani in the fight against terrorism and defeating ISIS terrorists.

 In another part of the meeting, the ambassador stressed that his country will continue to support and train the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces and thanked the Kurdistan Regional Government for its assistance and coordination in the return of Finnish citizens from Syria.

 The formation of the Iraqi Federal Government and the situation in Iraq was another topic of the meeting.

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President Barzani receives Ambassador of France to Iraq.

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President Barzani Receives the UK Ambassador to Iraq