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President Barzani's message on the occasion of the New Year

I warmly congratulate the citizens of Kurdistan on the occasion of the New Year.  I congratulate the proud families of the martyrs and the heroic Peshmergas and wish everyone good luck.

 I consider this occasion an opportunity to emphasize the peaceful message and culture of coexistence of the Kurdish people.  The Kurdish people have always believed in peace and brotherhood and want their problems to be resolved through dialogue, understanding and avoiding chauvinism and denial.

 Regarding the political process in Iraq, we believe that there is a new opportunity to resolve the issues between the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi Federal Government and we support the implementation of the agreements reached between the Iraqi political parties and between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government.

 It is expected that the steps of the Iraqi government and the political process in the next phase will be within the framework of the constitution and in the interests of the Iraqi people, as well as observing the principles of partnership, balance and consensus.
 Finally, I hope that the New Year will be a year of happiness and prosperity for all citizens of Kurdistan and Iraq, and bring peace and unity for our region and all humanity.

 Masoud Barzani
 December 31,

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‏President Barzani receives the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Iraq

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President Barzani receives Consul General the State of Kuwait in Erbil