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President Barzani receives a joint delegation of the French and German ambassadors to Iraq

President Masoud Barzani received French Ambassador to Iraq Eric Chevalier and German Ambassador to Iraq Martin Jager. 

 At the beginning of the meeting, the ambassadors of both countries stressed that France and Germany both give great attention to international issues, especially the developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region  and Germany intend to establish a joint cultural center in the Citadel, in order to promote cultural, scientific and national ties between the Kurdistan Region and both Germany and France.

 President Barzani expressed his gratitude to cooperation between Germany and France on international issues including Kurdistan Region and considered it an important and influential issue. President Barzani appreciated the decision of the German Parliament to recognize the Sinjar and Yazidi massacre as genocide and considered it an important and historic step.
 He called on other EU countries to take similar decisions in order to achieve justice and heal the wounds of the Yazidi brothers and sisters.

 The meeting also discussed the political situation in the region and the latest developments in the Iraqi political process and regarding the relations between the Kurdistan Region and the Federal Government of Iraq, the guest delegation expressed their satisfaction with the positive atmosphere  between Erbil and Baghdad.

 The political situation in the Kurdistan Region was another topic of the meeting and the guest delegation reaffirmed that France and Germany will continue to support, cooperate and coordinate with the Kurdistan Region.

 It is worth mentioning that
 The meeting was attended by Mr Olivier Decottignies Consul General of France in Erbil and Mr. Klaus Streicher Consul General of Germany in Erbil.

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President Barzani receives the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria

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President Masoud Barzani met with Ambassador Mohammed Kazim Al Sadiq ambassador the Islamic Republic of Iran to Iraq along with his accompanying delegation