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Message from President Barzani to the public opinion in Iraq and Kurdistan.

Unfortunately, the Iraqi Federal Court once again showed another hostile attitude towards the Kurdistan Region and prevented the amount of money that was supposed to be sent by the federal government to the Kurdistan Region.

 The main problem here is not the amount of money, but the violation of rights and principles.  Everyone is aware that our participation in the state administration coalition and the formation of the new Iraqi government was based on a clear and detailed program agreed upon by all parties.  The entitlements of the Kurdistan Region, which is a legitimate right of the Kurdish people, was part of the program and was agreed upon.  Therefore, today's decision of the Federal Court, before being against the Kurdistan Region, it is against the political process, against the Iraqi government and against the program of the coalition itself.

 It is surprising that whenever a positive atmosphere has been created between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad and an opportunity to resolve the problems has arisen, the Federal Court has immediately worked to destroy that opportunity with a hostile decision.  It is obviously implementing a dubious agenda and has replaced the Revolutionary Court of the previous regime.

 I call on the Iraqi government and the constituent parties of the state administration coalition to show their position on the violations and opposition committed by the Federal Court against the interests of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

 Masoud Barzani
 January 25, 2023

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Statement by the Political Bureau the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)

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President Barzani received the Turkish Defense Minister.