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The Political Bureaus of the KDP and PUK release a joint statement

The Political Bureaus of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan met in Sulaimani.
 At the beginning of the meeting, both sides appreciated the initiative of President Barzani, which came at the necessary time.  Both sides agreed to take practical steps together with other parties to follow up this initiative which is in the interest of our homeland and work to open a new chapter in the relations between political parties and government. 
 Political Bureaus of the KDP and PUK congratulate the Council of Ministers for approving the financial restructuring project, which is the project of all parties forming the ninth cabinet.
 In another topic of the meeting, both sides were concerned and agreed on strengthening the constitutional structure of the Kurdistan Region and the development of urgent legal and political steps to provide the Kurdistan parliamentary elections on schedule this year.
 Both sides want all sides to cooperate in continuing the atmosphere of brotherhood and working together and eliminating the gaps of the past.
  They also decided to work as a team and hold a series of other meetings to provide a favorable legal and political environment for holding elections and addressing the challenges in the region

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The impact and consequences of the Lausanne Agreement on the fate of the Kurdish people are incalculable and full of disaster, deprivation, marginalization and denial.

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We consider this occasion as an opportunity to emphasize the deep-rooted Kurdish and national path of our party, position and initiatives to hold the elections for the six term of the Kurdistan Parliament within its legal deadline.