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May Revolution is the most important stage of the Kurdistan liberation movement and carried the message..

President Masoud Barzani issued the following statement in commemoration of the 47th Anniversary of the May (Gullan) Revolution 

In the name of God, the Merciful, the compassionate 

Dear the people of Balakayety

Dear attendees 

I wish you all happiness 

On the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the May Revolution, I congratulate the Kurdish people and all the heroes, Peshmergas and fighters who played a role in the May Revolution. I appreciate the sacrifice and resistance of the Kurdish people who supported the May Revolution and the Peshmerga at a critical stage.

The opening of this anniversary here has its own meaning. Balakayety is an area of ​​martyrs that has made many sacrifices for the sake of the revolution. This region was also the starting point of the Kurdish people's revolution and sacrifices during the May Revolution. The first martyr of the May Revolution was Sayyed Abdullah, a son of this proud region of Kurdistan. We are indebted to the struggling people of Balakayety in every way.

Thank you for your steadfastness
Thank you for your heroism.

The May Revolution is the most important stage of the Kurdistan liberation movement and carried the message; that despite the conspiracies, threats, strength of the opponents and great obstacles, the will to continue and revolution is still alive in the hearts of Kurdish people. The May Revolution was a challenge to all the dictators, oppressors and enemies who thought that the defeat of the September Revolution would bring an end to the Kurdish people's revolution and resistance forever. Moreover, the May Revolution destroyed the dream of the enemies and the Kurdish people continued their struggle and humiliation and defeat remained for the enemies.

On this noble occasion, I would like to emphasize that the interests of Kurdistan are above all other interests and I hope that the political parties in Kurdistan will be able to overcome their political differences and resolve the problems in a patriotic and brotherly spirit.

Finally, I send thousands of greetings to the martyrs of the May Revolution and all the martyrs of Kurds and Kurdistan who made history for their people with their blood.

Thank you very much for your presence.

Stay in good health.

Masoud Barzani
25 May 2023

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The impact and consequences of the Lausanne Agreement on the fate of the Kurdish people are incalculable and full of disaster, deprivation, marginalization and denial.

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We consider this occasion as an opportunity to emphasize the deep-rooted Kurdish and national path of our party, position and initiatives to hold the elections for the six term of the Kurdistan Parliament within its legal deadline.