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President Barzani met with religious scholars, personalities, Elders and traders in Duhok

On Monday evening, August 21, 2023, President Barzani met with religious scholars, personalities, Elders and businessmen of Duhok

 In his speech, President Barzani highlighted the political situation in the region and said that he has always worked for unity among our people and wants to have unity among the political parties because victory lies in unity.  However, the main condition for unity is the belief of all parties in the prosperity of the Kurdish people and their legitimate cause.  Referring to the history of attempts to destroy and marginalize the Kurdish people by the Iraqi state in the past century, President Barzani said that after 2003 there was a good opportunity to resolve the issues on the basis of partnership, balance, consensus and compliance with the constitution  The constitution and agreements are still not respected and there are some attempts to weaken or eliminate the Kurdistan Region through amendments to the laws.  He said that the time has gone and  no longer anyone can work to destroy the existence of the Kurdistan Region, which is the product of the struggle of the Kurdish people.

 President Barzani explained to the participants that the Kurdish people should rely on themselves and their abilities and for this purpose the Kurdistan Regional Government plans to expand the sources of income in the Kurdistan Region and create job opportunities for the youth.

 President Barzani  also spoke about the wave of hostility that intends to spread despair and destroy the sense of patriotism, as well as the danger of spreading drugs among the people.

 In this regard, President Barzani called on religious scholars and teachers to work to spread national awareness, deepen the principles of political, religious, social and true religious coexistence and confront extremist thought.

 In the final part of the meeting, the door was opened for discussion and President Barzani answered questions and suggestions of the participants.

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Happy Bastille Day to the People and government of France and the Consulate General of France in the Kurdistan Region.

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President Brazani receives Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Iraq.