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Message of President Barzani on the 35th Anniversary of Anfal in Badinan

In the continuation of a series of crimes and tragedies committed against the Faili Kurds and the sons of our people in Barzan, Garmian, Halabja and other places in the past century, thirty-five years ago , in the last phase of Anfal Operations, the former Iraqi regime, after bombarding and using chemical weapons in large areas of the Badinan region, subjected the people and communities of Badinan to arrest, disappearance and deportation.  

The Iraqi government used hundreds of thousands of soldiers and weapons of terror against the innocent residents of Badinan in front of the world.  The aim of this act was to break the revolutionary will of Badinan, but the Kurdish people had a legitimate will and judgment and never surrendered to the crimes and oppressions of the enemy.  It was the enemies and criminals who paid the price for their mistakes and crimes.  This is a great lesson for the sons of our people and for the opponents of the Kurdish people.

 On the anniversary of the Anfal in Badinan, we salute the souls of the martyrs and Anfal victims and emphasize that the Iraqi state must compensate for the genocide and the crimes and oppression committed against our nation.

 Masoud Barzani
 August 25,2023

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President Barzani receives former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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Statement of the Spokesperson of the Kurdistan Democratic Party: