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Message from President Masoud Barzani to the public.

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Everyone knows that since 2020, Erbil has been subjected to dozens of unjustified missile and drone attacks by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and their allied forces. These attacks are an obvious injustice against the Kurdish people.

The perpetrators of these crimes and those behind the attacks on Erbil know very well that their slander, excuses and claims have no basis and to cover up their problems they are committing this aggression and oppression against Erbil and the Kurdish people.

Our patience has limits. In their latest attack and crime of last night, they massacred an innocent family in Erbil, which we strongly condemn. There is no doubt that this attack is neither courage nor bravery, but the utmost shame for the perpetrators.

I am speaking to the Iranian peoples and we have always respected them  and we have extended a hand of friendship and brotherhood to them. I want to assure them that the excuses given by the attackers for their crimes against Erbil and the Kurdish people have no basis and are far from the truth. I ask you, if the attackers allow you, to come to Erbil and see the truth with your own eyes and see how the criminals and attackers are  spreading disinformation against the Kurdish people and their claims are baseless.

They cannot continue this oppression forever and we cannot remain silent against this oppression and injustice.

My message to the perpetrators of last night’s missile and drone attacks is that there is no pride in murdering women, children and civilians, you can kill us, but rest assured that the will of the people of Kurdistan shall remain unwavering. 

The Kurdish people put their trust in God and the legitimacy of their cause. God is greater than any oppressor or force.

Masoud Barzani
16th January 2024

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President Barzani receives Ambassador of France to Iraq.

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President Barzani Receives the UK Ambassador to Iraq