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President Masoud Barzani welcomed US Ambassador Alina Romanowski.

The Ambassador conveyed her visit's purpose — expressing solidarity and support for the Kurdish people following the unjustified bombings by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the Kurdistan Region. The ambassador condemned the attacks, acknowledging the civilian casualties and the violation of residential areas.

President Barzani expressed gratitude for the ambassador's delivery of solidarity from the US government and people. He emphasized the desire for robust and amicable relations with neighboring countries, grounded in mutual respect for sovereignty and common agreements. Barzani condemned the Revolutionary Guards' baseless attacks, highlighting the injustice against the Kurdish people and the violation of Iraq and Kurdistan Region's sovereignty. Despite these challenges, he underscored the unwavering will of the Kurdish people against chaos, violence, and instability, maintaining the aspiration for positive relations with neighbors without compromising sacred values or succumbing to unilateral decisions.

The meeting also delved into the steps taken by the Iraqi Federal Government, including the deployment of a fact-finding committee to investigate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' attack on Erbil. President Barzani acknowledged the fulfillment of constitutional obligations against the oppression faced by the Kurdish people.

Concluding the meeting, both sides exchanged perspectives on the political and security situation in Iraq and the broader region, discussing the latest developments.

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President Barzani receives Ambassador of France to Iraq.

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President Barzani Receives the UK Ambassador to Iraq