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President Masoud Barzani welcomed US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

President Barzani welcomed Victoria Taylor US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. 

The meeting attended by US Consul General in Erbil, Mark Stroh.  They reviewed the recent visit of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister to Washington, characterizing it as both serious and successful. Among the topics addressed were the political dynamics within Iraq, including the relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Iraqi Government, as well as the challenges these relations face. Both parties emphasized the importance of maintaining stability in Iraq and underscored the role of coalition forces in achieving this stability within Iraq and the wider region.

Election matters were also deliberated upon, with President Barzani affirming his support for the electoral process. Furthermore, he expressed apprehension regarding the recent decision by the Federal Court to permanently exclude certain communities, denouncing it as a violation of their rights.

Additionally, discussions encompassed the enduring relationship between the Kurdistan Region and the United States.

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The Kurdistan Democratic Party participates in the International Democratic Union Forum held in New Zealand.

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Message from President Barzani on the 44th Anniversary of the Genocide of the Faili Kurds.