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President ‪Barzani ‬ receives the Consuls of the Netherlands and Germany in Erbil

President Masoud Barzani received today in Salahaddin، Mr. Jaco Beerends , Consul General of the Netherlands and Mr. Klaus Streicher, Consul General of Germany in the Kurdistan Region.

The meeting focused on the Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections and the position and reservations of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) regarding the elections. They also stressed the importance of holding elections in the Kurdistan Region and both the Dutch and German consuls expressed their countries' support for holding fair elections that reflect the face of democracy in the Kurdistan Region, by assisting the relevant parties in the region to overcome political crises.

President Barzani praised the role of the Netherlands and Germany in supporting the cause of the Kurdish people. President Barzani also stressed that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is the founder of legitimacy and elections in Kurdistan, and that the KDP has made every effort to hold elections on time in the past two years. However, the elections were openly prevented,  resorting to outside interference and the federal court to create problems for fair elections. The exclusion of ethnic and religious components from the elections, the exclusion of more than 400,000 voters from voting, and the imposition of improper procedures and mechanisms in the elections, make the elections do not reflect the true voice of the Kurdistan people.

In another part of the meeting, President Barzani stressed that the Kurdistan Democratic Party supports the holding of free and fair elections without any interference and planning in advance. He also considered it necessary to resolve all the technical shortcomings and constitutional and legal violations of the election file so that the process represents the will and true voice of the  Kurdistan people, in a way that serves democracy and legitimacy of the institutions of the region.

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Happy Bastille Day to the People and government of France and the Consulate General of France in the Kurdistan Region.

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President Brazani receives Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Iraq.