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At the General meeting of the KDP Central Committee several current and important issues were discussed

Final Statement of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

After a moment of silence to pay tribute to the souls of the Kurdistan Martyrs, the late Mustafa Barzani and Mr. Idris Barzani, the meeting started with conveying congratulations on the occasion of the 48th Anniversary of the commencement of Gullan Revolution on 26th May, the revolution that turned the wishes and conspiracies of Kurdistan's enemies into an unrealized dream. 


Afterwards, several current and important issues were discussed and the following decisions were taken:


Topic 1: Our Relations with Neighboring Countries:


Our relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, despite experiencing ups and downs and a period of coldness and misunderstanding, have a long and positive history. As a result of communications and efforts to normalise relations and in  light of the interests of both sides,,the efforts for normalisation produced positive results. We hope that our relations will return to normal in the direction of respect and understanding.


Our relations with the Republic of Turkiye, as a result of efforts of both sides and mutual understanding, respect and  protection of interests, have taken the normal  course.  The visit of President of Turkiye, President Erdogan to Kurdistan gave a positive impetus to our relations.


Our relations with other countries, particularly the United States and Europe, remain strong. The meetings and visits of foreign  delegations to the Kurdistan Region and our delegations abroad are on sound level and continue on regular basis. These relations need to be further developed and we have to expand our diplomatic activities.


Our relations with Arab countries, in general, are positive. Most Arab countries understand the role of the Kurdistan Region in ensuring stability and security in the region, and we have built good and balanced relations with them, particularly in the fight against terrorism and violence.


The meeting appreciated the efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Presidency to resolve issues and strengthen the Kurdistan Region's relations with the Federal Republic of Iraq, neighboring countries, and the world. It was emphasized that no threat to the interests and security of neighboring countries should be allowed from the Region.


Topic 2: Relations between the Kurdistan Region and the Federal Government of Iraq:


The permanent constitution of the Iraqi Federal State regulates the relations between the Region and the Federal Government. According to its articles and provisions, the constitution has formulated the administration and relations between the Region and the Federal Government, in addition to regulating their respective powers. For further coordination and cooperation, we have concluded several political and administrative agreements within the framework of the state administration coalition.


We in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have requested and continue to request to resort to the constitution and agreements to resolve the issues and to continue the efforts to resolve the issues and problems. We also support the efforts of the Presidency and the Kurdistan Regional Government to implement the articles of the constitution and agreements and to resolve the issue of the budget and salaries of the resilient employees of Kurdistan.


Topic 3: Kurdistan Parliamentary Elections:


As previously announced, we favored holding elections before the end of the fifth term of the Kurdistan Parliament to avoid resorting to other measures. Unfortunately, under different pretexts, this legal and normal effort by our party was impeded.  Therefore, following the events and various decisions on a number of political, administrative and financial issues, and due to failure to implement the constitution, failure to take into account the rights of communities and some wrong measures regarding elections, we announced our position.  Our efforts with the parties in general to resolve all issues continue and we will announce our position after the issues mentioned in our statement are resolved and the measures are in the interest of the Kurdish people and the election becomes a public interest driven election.


Topic 4: Kurdistan Interior:


Following the decision of the congress and the President's instructions, our party has opened the door to dialogue and further understanding that serve the interests of citizens and the political process in the Kurdistan Region. We aim to work with all parties to defend the interests and achievements of the Kurdish people. This will be the policy and program of our party now and in the future.


Topic 5: Media:


Our party believes that  in addition to its function in keeping citizens up to date with current events, the media should play its national and patriotic role in fostering mutual acceptance, humanity, and commitment to the values and ethics of national, religious, and political coexistence, considering the psychology of citizens and without causing anxiety and apprehension. In light of the rapid changes and developments in the world and the region, the media and cultural  must focus on significant issues rather than being preoccupied with minor ones. The meeting also stressed that the media of our party, as always, has to be at the level of the party’s history and greatness and the sacred path of Barzani.


Topic 6: Internal Affairs of Our Party:


In this topic, the meeting discussed a number of issues of organization and organizational structure and organs of the party, and in this context, the proposals and opinions of the organization department of the Political Bureau and provincial organization bureaus and branches were discussed. It was decided to hold internal party conference at the level of all organs of our party to implement the articles of the party’s Bylaws approved by the 14th Congress.


Central Committee

Kurdistan Democratic Party

May 26, 2024

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President Barzani receives Ambassador of France to Iraq.

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